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Fisnar Robotic Dispensing Controllers
suitable for adhesives, cyanoacrylates, UV adhesives, solder cream, fluxes, conformal coatings, grease, lubricants, inks, conductive ink and paints.

Talk to us for benchtop industrial robots for :

  • Liquid dispensing
  • Screw fastening
  • Soldering of PCB boards
  • Edge connectors
  • Coils and slide soldering for some QFP packages
  • Impulse welding systems for plastic welding of plastic risers to mount and fix circuit boards and similar items

Add ons

  • UV Cure Systems can be mounted on robotic systems
  • A wide range of dispensing valves available including positive displacement and high-pressure.

Featured product

Fisnar robot F7300N

The F7000NV is a vision system for the F7400N series robot. The vision system is supplied complete including PC, ensuring all components are compatible, thereby eliminating any costly start-up issues and reducing the learning curve. The system is designed to provide automatic dispensing programme offsets when the dispensing path of a component cannot be guaranteed.

Accepts CAD DXF and Excel formats for dispense paths. Commonly two fiducial points are used to provide program offsets, however one is also possible. Optional LEDs may be required depending on refractive surface.


  • Auto aligns within 5mm of workpiece
  • Ideal for irregular dispensing route
  • High resolution 0.001mm
  • Increased production efficiency
  • Precision operation
  • Automatic offset of dispensing route
  • Optional LED light

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