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Weller fume extraction units
The fume extraction unit Zero Smog 4V Kit 1 Funnel is easy to install and operate. It is designed for use as a small central system. The kit is supplied complete with flexible hose, flexarm, funnel nozzle, valve and bracket, ready for installation at the workplace. A powerful, maintenance-free turbine provides continuous fume extraction at a maximum air extraction rate of 230 m3/h. With setting constant flow control the adjustable turbine speed avoiding unnecessary waste of suction power and saving energy.

  • Unit purifies air at up to 4 workplaces
  • Constant Flow Control (CFC) guarantee
  • Automatic air flow regulation for each work space
  • Electronic filter control with optical and acoustical filter alarm
  • Efficiency test via USB port
  • 4 wheels to allow easy movement of the unit
  • Low noise level

Beauty Line for Nail studios
The Beauty Line Exclusive 2 extraction unit protects employees and customers in nail studios from grinding dust particles and hazardous gases created from acryl, gel and solvents. The unit gets delivered with 1 joint extraction arm, capturing nozzle, table brackets, and extraction hose. The 1 joint extraction arm allows more flexible adjustment from the nozzle on large beauty tables.

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